If You Thought You Had Bad Hiccups, Wait Until You Hear This Wolf Pup!

Whether you know it or not, humans are not the only ones that get hiccups. It may seem like that – especially if you have never heard any animal with a bad case of hiccups before. However, this viral video clearly proves that we are not alone when it comes to this absolutely natural yet irritating occurrence. A wolf conservation group known as NY Wolf was able to capture this cute little wolf pup on video going through his own minor case of hiccups. Looking at this wolf pup on camera in the first place will almost immediately start pulling at your heartstrings. However, when you start to hear the wolf pup hiccup, you will be compelled to say, “Awwww!” In a little more than a week, this wolf pup video has already generated over 200,000 views – but that is sure to skyrocket since it is currently being shared and featured on quite a few other websites and social media pages as well. The video is so cute that you might even consider adopting a wolf pup — keyword being “might.”

Wolf Pup Hiccups

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