Teen Jeopardy Contestants Showed How Nerdy They Were By Saving These Two Categories for Last!

Teen Jeopardy – the teenage version of the television game show Jeopardy that is clearly made for absolute geniuses. Many of the questions that some of the teenage contestants on Teen Jeopardy are able to answer cannot even be answered by men and women twice or even three times their age! Even though they might be younger than you, it is very easy to get into the mindset of asking yourself such questions as, “Where did they learn that?” or “I didn’t learn that when was in school” right? Well, recently there were some Teen Jeopardy contestants that decided to narrow the list of options down to these two categories which absolutely stumped them — “Pro Sports Teams” and “Outdoors.” WOW! What does that tell you? Even if those these Teen Jeopardy contestants were able to make a substantial amount of money during their 15-minutes of fame with Alex on one of the longest-running television game shows of all times, they know hardly anything about professional sports teams and the outdoors. Way to go, Teen Jeopardy! We want tot thank Reddit user DiagnosisMoyder for enlightening us about this hilarious yet saddening topic.

Teen Jeopardy

Can you believe that they saved these two categories for last?

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