Jimmy Kimmel Used Fake Drake to Get People’s True Feelings about Him

Drake was able to show everyone just how funny he can be again – but this time around he was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live set instead of the SNL stage. We have loved Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” segments in the past. This time around, Jimmy Kimmel targeted the upcoming ESPY Awards (which don’t air until July 16th) by recruiting the chosen host for that event (rapper/actor Drake) to interview people on the street in complete disguise – asking them what they thought about his hosting performance as well as how they feel about Drake in general. Drake was hilarious and definitely pulled a major prank on so many people – even admitting to someone that he was actually Drake and still went unnoticed. You have to watch the clip for yourself and find out more, because Lie Witness News seems to be Jimmy Kimmel’s jackpot segment.

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