Handsome Felon Went to Jail – But His Mug Shot Decided to Go Viral Instead.

Meet Jeremy Meeks – a 30-year old felon. If you would have read about Jeremy Meeks before his mug shot went viral, you would have classified him as your ordinary criminal. He was arrested on June 18th on 5 different weapons charges in addition to one gang charge. This information was confirmed by an official spokesman from the Stockton Police Department in Northern California. If you would have heard about his criminal record, you wouldn’t think twice about going anywhere near Jeremy Meeks. However, as soon as his mug shot was released online through social media platforms, it almost immediately went viral — generating over 30,000 likes and comments on Facebook about his mesmerizing blue eyes, high cheek bones and well-chiseled face. This guy looks more like a supermodel than your everyday criminal. According to the Associated Press, Jeremy Meeks has made history with his viral mug shot – becoming the first mug shot photo to generate this much positive attention since the official Facebook page was set up by their department over two years ago. There are even online petitions circulating on different websites to raise money to bail him out of prison because he is “too handsome for jail.” What do YOU think about Jeremy Meeks?

Handsome Mug Shot

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