Halle Berry Did Something With Jimmy Fallon on TV That His Own Wife Hasn’t Even Tried!

Halle Berry. A woman of many talents. Halle Berry is a phenomenal, Academy Award-winning actress. Halle is absolutely beautiful and can obviously give birth to some beautiful children. However, did you also know that Halle Berry knew how to create a human hamster wheel? That’s exactly what Halle did when she stopped by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. You see, they had a very long mat set up. Jimmy Fallon got on bottom and Halle Berry grabbed onto his legs and he grabbed on to hers and they did some sort of leap frog-front flip-hamster wheel action together during her recent appearance. Who knew? Halle Berry – you can go ahead and add flexible & athletic to your impressive resume and list of accolades. Jimmy Fallon, we just want to know what your wife thought about all of this (especially when you “peeked”). We love you, Halle Berry, because you never cease to surprise us – especially in this viral video which has already been seen over 1.9 million times in less than two days

Halle Berry rolls with Jimmy

Halle Berry goes for a roll with Jimmy Fallon

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