This Fuel Truck Makes a Sharp U-Turn That Vehicles HALF Its Size Couldn’t Pull Off!

Fuel Truck Makes the Sharpest U-Turn Of All Time – Maybe!

Best fuel truck ever. Don’t you absolutely hate it wen you see semi-trucks get stuck in the middle of a turn? They will have to spend at least 10-20 minutes reversing and shifting their trucks to figure out a more effective way to get their massive large vehicles through those tight spots. Well, when you see this video about a fuel truck, chances are that you will change your mind.

It appears that semi-trucks in Thailand are definitely capable of making turns and maneuvers that many other vehicles – even vehicles that are half their size – are not capable of making. This viral video from Prometheus shows a fuel truck that was able to make the mother of all U-turns. That’s right! This fuel truck was able to respond to an under-pressure situation in a way that many other vehicles half its size would not have been able to do even on their best day. While the fuel truck was making its sharp U-turn, Prometheus was able to capture the entire turn from beginning to end! Trust us – after you have taken a few moments to watch this viral video about a semi-truck that was able to make one of the most impossible U-turns in the history of the world look like something that belongs in a driver’s education video, your mind is going to be blown!


fuel truck

This fuel truck made a serious sharp U-turn.

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