• DeStorm Power Surely Powered-Up Vine with These Posts
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    No one can contradict that the world wide web’s power to generate the next internet or Hollywood superstar. The likes of Justin Bieber, Karmin and Carly Rae Jepsen who starte with posting videos in YouTube are valid evidence that you can become a celebrity even with just a computer and an internet connection. Today, we […]

  • Awesome Soccer Fails!
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    Just recently, the United States women national soccer team has won the Round 16 soccer match against Columbia. Though critics have said that their style of play is “ugly”, the team beat the other in a score of 2-0. Soccer has been here for quite a long time. According to the Athletics Scholarship website, “Records trace […]

  • Parkour-Gone-Wrong Moments!
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    Parkour actually has French origins. The word is derived from “parcours du combattant” which was “the classic obstacle-course method of military training proposed by Georges Hébert”. But these recent years, the training discipline has evolved from being a military obstacle course training to an exciting yet fun activity to do outdoors. Recently, has posted, “Mohamed Eid […]

  • Ouch! Best Fails Ever!
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    Angelina Jolie, the Tomb Raider star, talks about pain this way, “Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of life.” Yes, there are times that pain is […]

  • Nicholas Megalis Most Idiotic Vines!
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    Doing nothing lately? You’ve probably found yourself groping for your phone checking your Facebook or Instagram accounts, opening your laptop surfing the internet to stream movies, or turning on the TV to pass the time. No matter how is it that you spend your time, we seem to be hooked to the idea of getting […]

  • Bollywood Beauties!
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    India is hailed as the second most populous country in the world but geographically, it is only one-third of the total land area of the United States of America. And just like the US, the country is undeniably one of the best in the field of film-making. Bollywood has proved to be a huge success […]

  • Tired of Your Job?
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    Tired of your own job? Perhaps, you have been to many companies, dressing up in a suit and tie, pushing your luck towards the limits, undergone through many interviews, given several “We’ll give you a call” replies and be heartbroken a lot of times. Sure, finding a job these days is a whole lot difficult […]

  • Surprisingly Biggest Animals!
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    About one hundred and thirty-five million years ago, the earth was filled with gigantic Dinosaurs roaming around the jungle hunting for food (and the others were plainly herbivores). Nonetheless, we should ever be thankful that we have not lived at that time and at the end of the Mesozoic Era, all of them have gone […]

  • Bored? Why Not See These Brandon Calvillo Vines?!
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    Maybe you yourself have planned of putting something up in the web in hopes of becoming the next internet sensation garnering millions of views from people all over the world. Or you may have already done so, but the results were upsetting. Well, we could not disagree that many of the famous celebrities today have […]

  • “Fishy” Lines and Dialogues from Family Movies
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    You may be thinking of another movie for tonight to watch with the folks. Of course, your mom, dad, elder sister or brother, and not to forget your younger siblings will be there to watch as well. At times, grandma and grandpa may also sit-in and watch the film with you, as well. So you […]

  • Watch this “Invincible” Music Video by Kelly Clarkson
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    The United States of America’s celebration of their Independence Day just got merrier and louder. As New York Post website says, that along with American Idol first season winner, Kelly Clarkson, other singers such as “Dierks Bentley…Brad Paisley, Flo Rida and Meghan Trainor will perform on NBC’s annual ‘Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular,’ The […]

  • Funny Dogs You Have To Watch!
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    Charlie, Fido, Brownie, Bella, Lucy, Molly, whatever you may call your pet dog, you love them so dearly. As most of us are dog lovers we just can’t seem to imagine life without them. The world wouldn’t just be the same if they weren’t around. Coming home from work, feeling drained from all the long […]

  • These Posts are the Reasons Why David Lopez Became a Vine Star!
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    Vine, which was founded Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012 is now a worldwide phenomenon and is available already in 25 languages. As it became more available to the bigger population, surely more hopefuls will make Vine accounts and post their six-second videos and wishing to be re-vined. Surely, this video-sharing service will […]

  • Why Do we Cry?
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    Whether just plainly watching The Fault in Our Stars, slicing an onion, overtly jubilant or perhaps going through an emotional state, we’ve all have had tears rolling down our cheeks. Some folks out there may cry easily than others and some may be hard as stone and do rarely cry. So why do we cry? […]

  • Do You Need Eyeglasses Already?
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    Do you know how good your eyesight is? Chances are, you may have been to the optometrist or ophthalmologist and had your eyes examined. And then, you knew that you needed eyeglasses or contact lenses already. But did you know that more people were discovered to have some eyesight problems in the recent years? As […]