• Squidward Tentacles is the Perfect Description of Your Selfish, Proud and Conceited Neighbor
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    Squidward Q. Tentacles is probably one of the most remembered tritagonist characters in the cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants. Both a neighbor and a co-worker of the sponge, viewers have somewhat found that the octopus’ hatred towards Squarepants and his best friend Patrick Star as amusing. Who can’t help but laugh as the two constantly annoy […]

  • Tyler Posey: Not Your Everyday Teen Wolf
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    The American actor and musician, Tyler Posey, has definitely got it all. From his charming looks to his superb guitar skills, it is no wonder that he has lots of fans (especially the young teenagers).  The 23-year old Hollywood together with Bella Thorne will host next month’s MTV Fandom Awards at San Diego Comic Con. But […]

  • “Fishy” Lines and Dialogues from Family Movies
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    You may be thinking of another movie for tonight to watch with the folks. Of course, your mom, dad, elder sister or brother, and not to forget your younger siblings will be there to watch as well. At times, grandma and grandpa may also sit-in and watch the film with you, as well. So you […]

  • IRON MAN: Heroes are Built!
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    The 2008 movie Iron Man starred by Hollwood actor Robert Downey Jr. has been a huge success around the globe topping US Box Office Hits. This franchise then added two other movies and all still were blockbusters. For today we will discover yet another six facts about this industrialist billionaire Marvel superhero.   1. His […]

  • Power Rangers: The Power is On!
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    Go, go! Power Rangers! Hello fellow rangers! I know you have missed this good-old TV superhero show in the early nineties. Kids and those kids-at-heart during those years were enchanted by the powers these rangers had. Defending the world from the evil alien forces that threat to conquer the world. The Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue […]

  • Bugs Bunny Fun Facts!
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    Ever since its first appearance on TV in the animated show Porky’s Hare Hunt, this cartoon character has gained so much worldwide popularity. Read on as we list some quick facts about this lovable character. 1. Animator Tex Avery was the official creator of this beloved rabbit with a personality of a bug. Ben Hardaway and Carl Dalton […]

  • Gotta Love Anne Curtis!
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    With 3.2 million followers, Anne Curtis-Smith, is surely rocking Instagram. The 30-year old Fil-Aussie actress is also a model, TV Host and a singer as well. Discovered by a talent at 12-years old, this lady has reached the heights of her career. Read on as we enumerate, what makes the charming Anne so lovable and […]

  • Batman GIFs You Should See
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    Since Batman’s creation by artist Bob Kane’s in 1939,  the whole world has been enamoured by the charisma and skills of this so called “the World’s Greatest Detective”. This Dark Knight has been franchised in many different movies and animations. Bruce Wayne, an business aristocrat who has poured out his riches on protecting and keeping his City, […]

  • Top 6 Moments in iCarly
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    One of Nickelodeon’s unforgettable series was the one starred by Miranda CosGrove. Yes, that’s right, it’s iCarly. Even though the show had ended long ago, there are just those moments we can’t forget. iPilot: The first episode will forever be etched in our hearts. Here we see the the  yesteryears of Carly, Sam, Freddie and […]

  • Spongebob Squarepants Facts You Must Know!
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    The ever-loved Spongebob Squarepants has not only dominated TV and the big screen but the whole world as well. Its creator, marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg, animated him to life in 1999 and was originally aired by Nickelodeon. Now, let’s look at some brain-wrecking facts about the Sponge! His exact address is 124 Conch Street, Bikini […]

  • Should You Love or Hate Tyrion from Game of Thrones?
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    The characters on the best Game of Thrones posters are all uniquely flawed. Tyrion is charming and witty, but should you really be rooting for him?   One of the best parts of Game of Thrones is the wide variety of unique and interesting characters. All of them have their flaws, but many of them […]

  • Would you survive college life in Community?
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    What would you do if you are an established lawyer and you get your law degree revoked? Well, it’s simple. You have to go back to college. Jeff Winger finds himself in such a situation and decides the best place to get another almost botched degree is at this mediocre school, Greendale.   BUY NOW […]

  • How Buffy changed TV forever
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    Buffy Summers has become an icon in the world of TV. This beautiful and powerful vampire slayer, her watcher and the Scooby Gang, a loyal circle of friends she made, changed the original perception of TV. It was at the very top of fantasy TV shows based on some supernatural powers. This could easily pass […]

  • The Best Scenes From Trailer Park Boys
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    Life is always all about finding a way to make the normal dull things brighter. If there is someone who can do this well, then it is Nova Scotia’s Trailer Park Boys. Ricky, Bubbles and Julian are ever up to some get-rich-quick scheme that rarely sits well with their former trailer park supervisor, Jim Lahey. […]