• Don’t miss the huge dubstep festival in Montreal!
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    There is a new dubstep festival in Montreal. It’s called Bass Ship. Here are all the details LOUD x CLEAR In Collaboration with : Big Tooth + Showkase Present BASS SHIP 2017 Saturday, December 30, 2017 ////////////////////////////////// Official Lineup : – Excision – Zomboy – Kayzo (Special Guest) – MUST DIE! – Gammer – Last […]

  • Watch this “Invincible” Music Video by Kelly Clarkson
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    The United States of America’s celebration of their Independence Day just got merrier and louder. As New York Post website says, that along with American Idol first season winner, Kelly Clarkson, other singers such as “Dierks Bentley…Brad Paisley, Flo Rida and Meghan Trainor will perform on NBC’s annual ‘Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular,’ The […]

  • Iggy and Britney in “Pretty Girls”
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    We can’t deny it, pretty girls are surely all around the world. Bruno Mars’ and B.o.B. song about beautiful girls in the 2010 Nothin’ On You single has made it to US Billboard Hits. There is no doubt that this Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea collaboration will also hit it off. The music video was released this May 13, […]

  • Zayn Malik: Forever 1D’s Bradford Bad Boy
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    The whole world of Directioners were left aghast–yes utterly surprised and upset at the same time–when Zayn Malik left One Direction due to personal reasons mainly stress. Depressed fans around the globe though are still very hopeful that soon Malik might return to the group.But unfortunately for these hopefuls, Zayn himself denies such rumors to be […]

  • Harry Styles: Fast Facts
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    The twenty-one year old male pop star has teen and tween girls all over the world screaming at the top of their lungs. Standing at almost six-foot tall, he’s undeniably one of the Boys Next Door. Let’s examine some quick facts about the singer songwriter. 1. Born in Redditch, Worcestershire, most of Harry’s ancestors were farm laborers. […]

  • Pussycat Dolls Best Hits!
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    Founded by choreographer Robin Antin, this popular girl group rose to fame as America’s pop dance ensemble rather than what was originally planned to be a burlesque group. With many chart-topping hits let’s examine some of the best songs ever popularized by this band. 1. When I Grow Up This song was the lead single […]

  • Nicole Scherzinger Fun Facts!
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    Filipino-American Nicole Scherzinger is an exceptionally talented 36-year old singer, actress, dancer and model. Having taken lead in the Pussycat Dolls girl group, she has rose to fame as being one of the most idolized female celebrity in the twenty-first century. Here today we count down some of the incredible Nicole facts that may have […]

  • You Should Hear this New Avicii Masterpiece!
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    Born in Sweden on 8th of September 1989, Avicii or Tim Bergling in real life has been producing several hits in the recent years. This 25-year old DJ and record producer has enlivened parties and clubs around the globe. Avicii’s genre of progressive and electro house, sometimes country and bluegrass music has been influenced by […]

  • kelly-clarkson-bbc-live-lounge
    Watch This Amazing Kelly Clarkson Cover of Rihanna’s Song
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    Way to go, Kelly! After having some time off the spotlight, Kelly Clarkson emerges with her new “fuller figure”.  At the Capital Summertime Ball held in London last Saturday, the singer showed up as a proud wife and mother, too! And with her reappearance, the performer also covered a song by Rihanna entitled Better Have […]

  • Is being charming a bad thing?
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    Bad as she can be. Charm is not something that everyone can have. Being charming is like our DNA. It is embedded in our genes. Being charming is embedded in us, innate in us. Can bad events turn the tide? Can life change? Will music lighten and free our minds? Can someone show the world […]

  • 8 Interesting Facts You Perhaps Didn’t Know About Dr Dre
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    There is no way you can talk about hip hop and fail to mention the name Dr. Dre. He is one of the pioneers of the genre and has managed to steer it to where it is now. Being a music producer, he has a great influence on most of the hit songs that are […]

  • Top Richest Rappers Net Worth
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    We all know them for their chains, sneaker shoes and perhaps a couple of tattoos a piercings here and there. We also know that they are rich, very rich. We however do not know how rich they can be. Here is the top richest rappers on the industry and their net worth. Dr Dre He […]

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hiphop Music
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    Hiphop has a definitive origin The popular names and terms used in hip-hop existed long before any American knew of rap. Hip-hop’s origin can be traced back to Bronx New York back in 1970’s. It is one of the most popular genres today generating millions of legal music downloads and sales every year. Successful hip-hop […]