• Looking For a Way Out of Stress? Here’s How!
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    The Matrix Trilogy lead actor Keanu Reeves once said, “Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account. I give lots away and live simply, mostly out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that good health […]

  • The Ugly Duckling No More, The Swans are Here
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    White and elegant, the swans are one of the most beautiful creatures in the in the earth. The popular fairy tale by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, “The Ugly Duckling” has just made the readers more appreciative of the beauty and magnificence of the winged animal. This time we will be telling you some helpful […]

  • Dull Walls Around the House? Try these Cheap Yet Fancy Posters!
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    Imagine this. You walk towards your home excited about showing your new neighbors your humble abode trying to make a good impression on them. You chat happily with them, and exchanges little stories about the neighborhood, and how its been for the past few weeks. You tell them many exciting and memorable experiences in the […]

  • Best-Picks: 6 Philip Roth Marterpieces
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    Around 3 years ago, American novelist of Jewish descent, Philip Roth. From  the New Yorker website, we read that the award winning author has ended his days of writing fiction: “But now he has stopped. Roth, who is seventy-nine, recently told the French magazine Les inRocks, ‘To tell you the truth, I’m done.’ “Nemesis,” which […]

  • Cormac McCarthy Novels You Can’t Put Down
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    Whether you’re just looking for something to read over the weekend or just plainly a bookworm, chances are you have been searching and craving for a new novel satisfy your eyes. Well, wait no more. Because today we bring you some of the best creations of the Pulitzer Prize winning author, Cormac McCarthy. A little […]

  • James Patterson Novels You’ll Read From Cover to Cover
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    The 68-year old American novelist, James Patterson, is James Brendan Patterson  in real life. He was born on March 22, 1947. This notable author of the Alex Cross series was an accomplished college graduate garnering the recognition of summa cum laude in both  B.A. in English from Manhattan College and M.A. in English from Vanderbilt University. But […]

  • Nicholas Sparks’ Sparkling Fiction Creations!
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    The 49-year old American novelist is not only a book author but also a screenwriter and a producer. His eleven novels have already been adapted in different movies starred by various Hollywood actors and actresses. And surely, these films had been US Box Office Hits. Born in 1965, this father of four has already published […]

  • You Should Know These Carrot Facts!
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    Bugs Bunny’s favorite past-time snack is surely here to stay. This edible root crop known to be rich in Vitamin A, does not only help your vision clearer, it has a lot of other benefits, too. Today, we will be listing down some startling facts about this orange vegetable. 1. It belongs to the family […]

  • You Shouldn’t Miss These Nora Roberts Best-Sellers!
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    Eleanor Marie Robertson or more popularly known as Nora Roberts was the the “first author to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame.” Of Irish descent, Roberts even of a young age already had many sprouting ideas and stories in her head. But then, she hadn’t began to write (except for […]

  • Live It Like Parrots!
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    Birds! Birds! Birds! They’re either flying up in the clear blue sky or you spot them seeking shade perching on a branch of a tree. Sometimes they accidentally fly towards your ceiling, too (if you’re not careful enough). For many years, and much more in the recent decades, birds are not anymore for sport. Most […]

  • Dolphin: Not a Fish!
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    Fresh from the sea, dolphins have good reputation towards us humans. Depicted in several movies ad TV shows as life-savers, these see friends of ours are one of our favorite creatures.   1. When foraging (hunting) or just navigating through their environment, they use echolocation. It is a method of using bio sonar and listen to […]

  • John Green Best Picks
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    American author John Green (John Michael Green), is not only a novelist but a vlogger in YouTube, creates online educational videos and a historian as well. This novelist whose birthplace is in Indianapolis wanted to be an Episcopalian minister.  But fate had him in a different direction. Green graduated at the Kenyon College, with a degree […]

  • How Do You Sleep?
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    Who in the world doesn’t sleep? Well, we have to be some kind half alien or mutant if don’t snooze at all! Science says that adequate sleep needs to be around eight hours. But, did you know that human beings (yes, that’s our species–Home sapiens) are the only mammals “that willingly delays sleep”? However, no […]

  • Hilarious Lele Pons Vines!
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    If you have been to Vine, surely, you have checked out this 18-year old young lady from Florida. Lele Pons was the first ever Vine user to reach one billion loops. Imagine that?! But now it has grown to over five billion loops with 8.1 million followers. What makes this teen internet prodigy so special? […]