• IRON MAN: Heroes are Built!
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    The 2008 movie Iron Man starred by Hollwood actor Robert Downey Jr. has been a huge success around the globe topping US Box Office Hits. This franchise then added two other movies and all still were blockbusters. For today we will discover yet another six facts about this industrialist billionaire Marvel superhero.   1. His […]

  • You Should Know These Carrot Facts!
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    Bugs Bunny’s favorite past-time snack is surely here to stay. This edible root crop known to be rich in Vitamin A, does not only help your vision clearer, it has a lot of other benefits, too. Today, we will be listing down some startling facts about this orange vegetable. 1. It belongs to the family […]

  • TED Talks: Meet the Mathe-Magician!
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    Having trouble with mathematics? Well, all of us do (especially at many points in our high school and college years). From assignments to quizzes to seatworks and exams, numbers make us nauseous and throw-up at the same time. Many books have been publishes to help students in their struggle with algebra and geometry but somehow […]

  • Numbers! Numbers!
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    Most of us may hate our mathematics subject saying that algebra and geometry have no use in real life. Yes, at some points students my be right about that but in many other points they are entirely very wrong. Engineers, architects, physicists even medical doctors and lawyers have a very good use for numbers. In […]

  • What Not To Post in Social Media!
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    Nowadays, more and more people can’t live without their smartphones or tablets stuck to their fingers. Why so? Because MORE and MORE people are getting very much addicted to social media! From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest and even so recently, Google+. But with the surge of this “Social Media” age, yes, […]

  • Power Rangers: The Power is On!
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    Go, go! Power Rangers! Hello fellow rangers! I know you have missed this good-old TV superhero show in the early nineties. Kids and those kids-at-heart during those years were enchanted by the powers these rangers had. Defending the world from the evil alien forces that threat to conquer the world. The Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue […]

  • Can’t Get Enough of Plants vs Zombies?
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    “There’s a zombie on your lawn There’s a zombie on your lawn There’s a zombie on your lawn We don’t want zombies on the lawn” Most of us already know this tune, and we can’t deny that for some time in the past we have sung along to this song from the very popular tower […]

  • Green Lantern Fast Facts
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    The ringed superhero was created by Martin Dellon and first appeared in July 1940 in the All American Comics #16. This DC comics superhero had its debut film adaptation in 2011 starred by Hollywood Actor Ryan Reynolds. Most fans and critics were dismayed with the movie at its release, reasoning that the film didn’t give […]

  • Live It Like Parrots!
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    Birds! Birds! Birds! They’re either flying up in the clear blue sky or you spot them seeking shade perching on a branch of a tree. Sometimes they accidentally fly towards your ceiling, too (if you’re not careful enough). For many years, and much more in the recent decades, birds are not anymore for sport. Most […]

  • Bugs Bunny Fun Facts!
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    Ever since its first appearance on TV in the animated show Porky’s Hare Hunt, this cartoon character has gained so much worldwide popularity. Read on as we list some quick facts about this lovable character. 1. Animator Tex Avery was the official creator of this beloved rabbit with a personality of a bug. Ben Hardaway and Carl Dalton […]

  • Dolphin: Not a Fish!
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    Fresh from the sea, dolphins have good reputation towards us humans. Depicted in several movies ad TV shows as life-savers, these see friends of ours are one of our favorite creatures.   1. When foraging (hunting) or just navigating through their environment, they use echolocation. It is a method of using bio sonar and listen to […]

  • Pacquiao: The Philippines’ Pride
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    Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao, more popularly known as Manny Pacquiao, is quickly recovering from his rotator cuff injury. Earlier this May 2015, Pacman had undergone a successful shoulder injury in Los Angeles, USA. He was then advised to rest and undergo intensive physical therapy rehabilitation for nine months. Previously, the Philippine pride, by a unanimous decision, […]

  • What Color is Your Pee?
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    According to the website, Healthguide, most of us adults pee four to seven times daily.  However, some may rush to the bathroom more times than that (even reaching up to 30 times), which may point out significant health problems (which may be caused by common conditions such as overactive bladder or interstitial cystitis). Regarding quantity, normally […]

  • Holy Grail: Understanding Religion
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    1. Done.: What most religions don’t tell you about the Bible You are more than a body; you will live forever somewhere; And God is on the divine rescue mission to make sure your ““forever”” is safe with Him! If you enjoy being loved; if you enjoy gifts; if you care about where you will […]

  • Best Math Guides For Dummies
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    1. Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks Secrets of Mental Math will have you thinking like a math genius in no time. Get ready to amaze your friends—and yourself—with incredible calculations you never thought you could master, as renowned “mathemagician” Arthur Benjamin shares his techniques for lightning-quick calculations […]