• Let’s Protect the Turtles!
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    Riddle, riddle, here you go! Try to answer this one. “I have four legs and a tail. I have no teeth. I can swim and dive underwater. I carry my house around with me. I am a…” Yes, a TURTLE! This friends of ours with shells are just as adorable as any other pet. But […]

  • A, B, C, D, E, F, Giraffe Facts For the World Giraffe Day!
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    Hurray! Every June 21st we celebrate the World Giraffe Day. Different zoos around the world, just like the Niabi Zoo, celebrates the day by letting the visitors personally feed the animals themselves. This is actually the first time that this celebration is held. According to the website of Giraffe Conservation Foundation, “… as we celebrate these […]

  • Funny Dogs You Have To Watch!
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    Charlie, Fido, Brownie, Bella, Lucy, Molly, whatever you may call your pet dog, you love them so dearly. As most of us are dog lovers we just can’t seem to imagine life without them. The world wouldn’t just be the same if they weren’t around. Coming home from work, feeling drained from all the long […]

  • You Should Take these Chickens as Pets!
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    The winged fowl has long been domesticated by man as a source of protein. With KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and many more fastfood chains to mention, chicken has long been a star in its combo meals. Today, we will show you some chicken breeds that will steal your hearts. 1. Silkie It is theorized that this […]

  • Live It Like Parrots!
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    Birds! Birds! Birds! They’re either flying up in the clear blue sky or you spot them seeking shade perching on a branch of a tree. Sometimes they accidentally fly towards your ceiling, too (if you’re not careful enough). For many years, and much more in the recent decades, birds are not anymore for sport. Most […]

  • Dolphin: Not a Fish!
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    Fresh from the sea, dolphins have good reputation towards us humans. Depicted in several movies ad TV shows as life-savers, these see friends of ours are one of our favorite creatures.   1. When foraging (hunting) or just navigating through their environment, they use echolocation. It is a method of using bio sonar and listen to […]

  • De-stress Your Day with These Cute Pets!
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    Another tiring day for you? What else could help you unwind in a long stressful day? Well, here they come! No human being can ever resist the cuteness of these creatures?Below are the list of adorable animals that could at least lighten up your day. 1. Won’t you look at that a very cuddly baby goat […]

  • Cuddle, huddle, juggle with Me please?
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    Cuddle is the word that cats loved the most in their lifetime. They cuddle, huddle, juggle, anywhere, everywhere and anytime. For fun, for enjoyment and just because they like it and wants to do it. Why do cats loves do it? Nobody knows for sure, its just cats find cuddling easy to do in all […]

  • Even Dogs Show Gratitude – Proven By This Story
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    Here is a picture of Eva holding her beloved foster dog after being adopted by a loving couple. Eva rescued Captain from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. As soon as she met him, she instantly fell in love and brought him back to her farm in Pennsylvania. He was then adopted several months later to […]

  • 5 Endangered Animals You Perhaps Didn’t Know Existed
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    Natural evolution and earthly processes has resulted in the most bizarre looking creatures. These weird and most creepy animals are in fact the most endangered species in the word. Here is a look at some of the most interesting animals in the world. Saiga antelope One look at the saiga antelope and you think it […]

  • This Family Dog Gets the Vacation of a Lifetime
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    The Halvorsens booked a trip to Thai for their Easter vacation. The only downfall was that their family bulldog, Igor, had to stay behind in the kennel while the family enjoy there time. Watch this video to see this family dog get the vacation of a lifetime. The dog loves it and it is one […]

  • Say ‘Hi’ To Some of the Smartest Dogs in History
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    There are some of the smartest dogs in history that you may not even know about. Let’s say “hi” to some of them. Congratulate these dogs who just graduated and received their Ph.D.s from the University of Oxford. Say Hi to the Current CIA Agent whose internet hacking skills put her on the market. This […]

  • Shocking Genetic Modification- Creation of Spider Goats
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    Genetic engineering brings a lot of horrific thoughts in one’s mind and with the researchers in Utah it certainly proves it odd. Physically they resemble normal goats but when you look deeper at their genetic matter you will see that they are partly golden orb weaving spiders and partly goats. This has been a result […]

  • This Man Caught an Impressively Giant Creature – Sting Ray
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    Jeff Corwin- a Nature expert and conservationist bagged the world record for catching the biggest freshwater wish. Any guesses what it is? Yes! It’s a sting ray that tool over two hours to spool in. It is magnificently humongous! 8 feet wide, 14 feet tall and weighing 800 pounds! Sting Ray Caught in Maeklong River […]