Burger King Honored Gay Pride in June with a ‘Whopper’ of a Celebration

Burger King has been known for celebrating many different things – but gay pride has never really been one of them in the past….until now.

Millions of people celebrate gay pride every single day, but a special focus is made by consumers, companies and critics alike throughout the month of June (aka Gay Pride Month). However, in most cases, this is not something that fast food restaurants get involved with simply because of the potential backlash that could occur as a result. Do you remember how publicizing their feelings about gay pride and gay marriages ended for Chick-Fil-A with protests, boycotts and other negative forms of media? Well, this time around Burger King decided to take part in Gay Pride Month by showing just how proud of the LGBT community they are! In honor of Gay Pride Day, they actually released a Proud Whopper. What exactly is the Proud Whopper? Everything that you would ever want or need to know about it is right here in this viral video. Regardless of how you feel about gay pride, the way that Burger King took a stand for it with the Proud Whopper truly does speak volumes, doesn’t it?

Would you eat the Burger King Proud Whopper?

Would you eat the Burger King Proud Whopper?

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