A Black Captain America? What Marvel Has Planned Next Just Might Shock You!

That’s right – a black Captain America is on the way!

Marvel already shocked the world of comic fans and critics earlier this week by revealing the female Thor and we all know how excited people were about that (did you detect the sarcasm?) Now, they have made waves yet again by revealing that the brand new incarnation of Captain America will be black.  That’s right – the First Avenger and All-American Hero with a red, white and blue uniform is going to be black.

black Captain America

What’s wrong with a black Captain America?

Many loyal comic fans are okay with the concept of a black Captain America – especially since the man chosen to be the black Captain America is none other than Sam Wilson aka Falcon. Even if you have never read a Captain America comic book before, you more than likely saw the movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which Anthony Mackie played the role of Sam Wilson himself. Even though it would only make sense for a close protege and sidekick to take on the heroic role as a state of inevitable progression (ex: Batman & Nightwing, etc.), many people simply cannot get over the mere concept of a black Captain America. If you thought that the reactions to a female Thor were bad, check out some of the reactions that we found on Twitter to this news:


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