This is the Perfect Birthday Card if You Have NO Idea What to Write Inside of a Birthday Card!

The Best Birthday Card for Lazy People.

Have you ever shopped for a birthday card (or any greeting card for that matter) and had no idea what you wanted to write inside of it? You might just end up doodling a little picture or just settling for saying something like “Thank you” or “Yours Truly.” Well, if you have ever been absolutely speechless when it came to greeting cards, then your best bet would be to buy this card. As you can see from the lengthy explanation printed inside of it, it has everything that you would need to say in this situation already ready to be read by the recipient. Even if you don’t get the reaction that you would normally get from a sincere, well-written birthday card, at least you’d be able to make the recipient laugh at how hilarious the concept of this card is in the first place.  Thank you, Reddit user Cami412, for sharing this artistic masterpiece of cards with us.

birthday card

Best. Birthday Card. Ever!

Best Birthday Card Ever

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