50 Cent Outdoes Angelina Jolie in This Clip from A New Disney Movie…Sorta

If you have been wondering what 50 Cent has been doing recently (especially since his music career hasn’t been anywhere near as successful as it was a decade ago), he has been striving to place himself on a bigger pedestal within his acting career. According to this new movie trailer, 50 Cent was able to outperform Angelina Jolie in her own hit movie. You may have already seen Maleficent…but you are going to be blown away by watching 50 Cent in Male50cent!

Okay, you probably have already figured out that this is a spoof trailer created by none other than viral video genius Jimmy Kimmel from Jimmy Kimmel Live. But still, you have to admit that it’s hilarious. “I’ve been shot nine times…I ain’t afraid of no white girl!” 

Would you see Male50Cent if it was a real movie?

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