Before You See the Movie, Here are 10 Amazing Facts You Never Knew about Spider-Man

There are so many different superheroes that are making their big screen appearances between this year and next year, aren’t there? One of the most familiar faces (and costumes for that matter) that you are going to see, though, is Spider-Man. You might have grown up watching Spider-man cartoons, playing with Spider-Man action figurines and even wearing Spider-Man costumes. Chances are, though, that there are many different things about this famous web-slinger that you do NOT know. Our friends at AllTimes10s have been able to create yet another viral video – but this time around, they provided us with 10 amazing facts about the Amazing Spider-Man. Before you buy your tickets to see the highly anticipated sequel, your best bet would be to take a look at these 10 amazing facts.

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