Zelda Williams: You Will Always Be Able to See Robin Williams in Her Face

Zelda Williams – A Little Piece of Robin is Inside of Her

Zelda Williams. The 25-year old beautiful daughter of the late, great, legendary actor Robin Williams. Many people might not know very much about Zelda but please keep in mind that was not coincidental.

Throughout her life, Robin made sure that he kept his daughter out of the spotlight, limelight and any other light so that she could live a happy and normal childhood. As Zelda got older and wanted to have a taste of the spotlight herself, that was when she started to come out of her well-protected shell with the loving support of her father. Recently, Zelda Williams has been scrutinized and bullied online about a wide variety of things related to her father. However, as you can see from these pictures, Robin Williams clearly will go on to live forever inside of his daughter.

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