Zelda William Is Cooler Than We Know

Born in New York city to Robin and Marsha Garces William, Zelda has lived a life full of fun and incidences. Even though we might know so little about her, you would have every reason to believe that this sparkly eyed actress has a lot of cool hidden up her sleeve. Here are some things about her that are cooler than you thought.

Her name, Zelda

Robin Williams believes that her daughter is a princess hence he named her after Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda video games. She is or ‘royal’ blood, you shouldn’t expect her to behave and act any less cool.

She is a gamer

Geeks, you have a hot friend over here. Zelda not only loves her namesake in the Legend of Zelda but she is also a dedicated video game player. Her favourite game, however, isn’t Call of Duty or Resident Evil. She prefers the more clear-headed The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

People Magazine thinks she’s cute

In 2007 she was in the 100 most beautiful people in the People Magazine. Let’s get this right, it’s not just People Magazine that thinks she is hot. We also do. After all, who are we to go against what the people think?

Zelda is a real queen of her empire

She has been involved in a couple of activist events pushing for the betterment of video games. She was involved in pushing for a 3DS version of Majora’s Mask and succeeded in winning Nintendo over by November 5, 2014. You could call this game activism but hey, it’s cool.

A tattoo of her father

Zelda got a tattoo of a robin over her father’s birthday to pay homage to her hero, co-actor and mentor who die at the age of 63 (suicide). It’s a simple tattoo but a very artistic gesture of love that was tweeted to her over 84K followers in Twitter.

She maintains a clear head amidst violet tweets

Zelda has been at the centre of a couple of abusive tweets referring to her father’s death. She even took a break from Twitter and social media in general. She is however back, just like all strong and cool people do. She even says she won’t take down her father’s Instagram. The Legend must live on!

She’s hot. Hot is cool

Zelda William is quite the beauty. And she knows how to tag her looks along. She won’t get it trashy, neither will she get it too laid back and boring. She knows the exact balance between trashy and traditional. The right mix of both to bring out respectable sexy.

Since her entrance into the limelight, Zelda William has maintain a cool head. This might be the reason why so little is known about her. This could be why you have no idea of how cool she can be.

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