This Guy Does Not Allow Cerebral Palsy to Stop His Workout — Or His Sense of Humor!

Zach Anner is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. However, he has never let that stopped him from chasing his dreams day after day without letup.

He has always loved being able to make people laugh and has created an abundance of viral videos that are hilarious and inspiring all at the same time. Recently, he released this “Workout Wednesday” video that achieves both of those goals with flying colors! Along with watching what he is able to do physically, you will find yourself laughing at his mockery of the fitness video industry of step-by-step instruction (such as the fitness gear that you will need – including a “Workout Bounce House” in the background.) He will also remind you that you can’t spell “miles” without “smiles” along your journey so we should always start with that to brighten our day, which he does to have a positive outlook on the physical and mental limitation of his cerebral palsy. Since it was first posted, this video has already generated over 930,000 views.



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