Zac Efron is Having a Lot More Fun This Summer than Most – Especially with Michelle Rodriguez!

Zac Efron. A few months ago, it seemed as if Zac Efron could only see his name in the trending headlines for his ongoing struggles with sobriety and his unsuccessful/successful rehab stays. However, it seems as if he has recently hired a highly successful publicist or PR team to help him get his image back on track. Why do we say that? Well, he was one of the two leading roles in the hit movie, Neighbors, which reached #1 in the US box office. Zac Efron also won an MTV award for how he looks when he is shirtless – which is clearly something that seems to become a viral trend automatically regardless of how you look. Recently, though, the personal love life of Zac Efron has landed him back in the spotlight yet again. It is apparently clear that Zac has been dating Michelle Rodriguez under the radar for quite some time. Efron even vacationed with Rodriguez and a group of other guys that really don’t matter very much. Several Instagram videos of their vacation have been uploaded and shared around the world, including Zac Efron dancing to “Turn Down for What” in addition to “Wiggle” and a collection of pictures that show Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez having a good time (and a really good time) together. What do you think is next for Zac Efron? Clearly, there is no way that Zac and Michelle Rodriguez will ever succeed as a long-term couple. Once the summer love moves on, Zac Efron will move on to whatever else he is doing with his life and Michelle Rodriguez will decide that she likes women again. However, when it come to his career, do you think that Zac Efron will allow this viral attention to put him back on top or provide him with enough money to support his habits and cause him to crash and burn all over again? What do you think?


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