This YouTube Star Used His Money to Do Something for His Parents – By Paying Off Their Mortgage!

Timothy ‘DeLaGhetto’ is a successful YouTube star and featured comedian within the ensemble cast of Nick Cannon’s hit MTV2 series, “Wild ‘N Out.” He has been able to generate a follower base of over 2.5 million subscribers and saved up his money to be able to do something very special for his parents – paying off their mortgage. That’s right! In this viral video, Timothy presents his mom and dad with a check specifically for paying off their mortgage. Watching how they react to the news of their son paying off their mortgage with a check (that wouldn’t bounce) — especially the mother — will warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes. Have you ever imagined about being able to do the same exact thing for your Mom and Dad? Can you imagine being able to give them a check or even a briefcase filled with cash that would allow them to not have to worry about paying off their mortgage? Wow! Bravo, Timothy ‘DeLaGhetto.


paying off their mortgage

Can you imagine giving a check to your parents for paying off their mortgage?

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