The Worst Pain Known to Man Comes From an Ant Bite. Want Proof? Just Ask HIM!

What is the Worst Pain Known to Man?

Chances are that you have been through a number of painful experiences over the years that you thought was the worst pain known to man. However, this guy – radio host Hamish from the Australian dynamic duo of comedy known as Hamish and Andy – was able to get a taste of the real worst pain known to man from an Amazon tribe. In order to prove himself to this tribe, Hamish was assigned a seemingly simple task to complete. All that he had to do was get bitten by a bunch of red ants. What Hamish did not realize but had to suffer through for hours afterwards was that these particular red ants that were used for this tribal ceremony inflicted one of the most painful bites in the animal kingdom. As you can see in this video, Hamish was able to experience the worst pain known to man firsthand.


worst pain known to man

The worst pain known to man…is from an ant bite?

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