From This Point of View, The World’s Tallest Water Slide Seems A Little…Well…Boring!

Is the Tallest Water Slide Already Dried Up?

You would think that the world’s tallest water slide, the Schlitterbahn, would be fun and exciting. However, thanks to the Schlitterban Water Park and Resorts, we were able to see this POV that gives an up-close look at the world’s tallest water slide from beginning to end. To be absolutely honest, it looks very boring. Keep in mind that this point-of-view video provides you with a close perspective that you would normally see firsthand if you were actually riding the ride. Therefore, unlike many of the pictures that you may have seen of the Schlitterbahn being built from the ground up, this is the most realistic view that you will be able to see of the experience you can have riding it. Even though the water park released this video thinking that it would make their water slide look more appealing and captivating, it seems as if the world’s tallest water slide might end up being a dud. What do you think?

Does the world's tallest water slide also look like the world's most boring water slide?

Does the world’s tallest water slide also look like the world’s most boring water slide?

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