‘Workout Wednesday’ Video Turned into This Viral Auto-Tune Remix about Lindsay Lohan

If you were blown away by Zach Anner’s Workout Wednesday video where he mentioned Lindsay Lohan’s name once, then you are going to be thoroughly impressed by this viral song created by The Gregory Brothers (also known as Schmoyoho) where that Lindsay Lohan reference was actually transformed into a catchy hook. It truly is amazing to hear what the Gregory Brothers were able to accomplish by transforming one viral and inspirational masterpiece into yet another work of art of a different caliber. The fact that Zach Anner personally endorsed this video makes it even better. In his open letter to his fans, Zach mentioned that “what we actually have here is a ridiculous but positive message transformed into one of the sickest dance anthems to ever blow out your Macbook Air speakers. Turn down the drama. Pump up the jam.”

You should do what he says!

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