Word Crimes. We Commit Them Everyday, But Never Sing about It – Until Now.

Word crimes.

Every single day, most people that use the English language find a different way to ruin it. Common statements, misspellings and typos are made much more frequently than you might think. Perhaps you are the type of person that is completely irritated when other people commit word crimes in your presence. On the other hand, perhaps others are irritated when you commit these crimes – even when you are unaware of the fact that you are doing so. Regardless of on which side of this particular fence you belong, you probably have never sung about the beauty of word crimes  – until now. That’s right! Musical parody genius Weird Al Yankovic has released another viral music video that specifically targets “Word Crimes.” The best part is that (1) the video is made of nothing but words and (2) it is a parody of the hit Robin Thicke song, “Blurred Lines.” Weird Al Yankovic has always been able to prove how much of an absolute genius he is and how no one can do this better than him. However, he has also been able to take popular songs and catchy beats & use them to educate people as well. How so?

As you watch this video, you are going to laugh – especially when you see just how many word crimes you didn’t even know existed. But you are also going to think, because this “Word Crimes” video is going to teach you a lot more than you realize as well. It is basically like the 2014 version of Schoolhouse Rock or Reading Rainbow. “Word Crimes” is more than just another clever viral video – it is an artistic masterpiece that proves the great Weird Al Yankovic still got it!


Word Crimes

“Word Crimes! Everybody shut up.”

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