It Looks Like an Ordinary Guitar – Until You Pay Attention to Who is Inside of the Wood Grain

The Wood Grain of This Guitar – Who Can Solve the Mystery?

The wood grain of this guitar clearly proves that it is not an ordinary instrument, right?

At first glance, the only thing that you probably noticed was (in fact) the beauty of the guitar. The nice color, the beautiful structure and the bright wood grain. However, focus on the wood grain a little harder than you did when you first saw it and a familiar face will seem to pop right out at you, right? Can you see it? Who (or what is it)?

That’s right! It’s your good friend Scooby Doo! Reddit user The_Coagulates actually found this picture and posted it on the Reddit website. It didn’t take long for this wood grain picture to reach viral status – especially when people started to realize that they were right. Now that you know, you will never be able to see the wood grain again without first taking a quick look at the crime-solving dog – Scooby Doo. Mind blown.



Scooby Doo

It’s not ordinary wood grain…is it?

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