You Won’t Believe How Angry Vanilla Ice Makes This Little Boy

Vanilla Ice – he has been featured in rap music videos. He has made cameo music appearances in blockbuster movies. He has even recorded a popular song for a movie soundtrack that still gets people dancing almost two decades later as soon as they hear it. Not to mention the reality TV series that he has been featured in that revolves around his lucrative real estate development career. Now, he can add yet another notch to his belt – a Kraft Mac & Cheese commercial.

This commercial is hilarious! Vanilla Ice basically plays a stock boy that is stocking shelves with Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes that feature Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles on them. What song is he singing while he does it? That’s right! “Go, Ninja, Go!” That’s not even the good part. The best part is what happens when a mother and her son walk up to Vanilla Ice in the store. The mother automatically recognizes him and starts to dance while the clueless son reacts completely differently. You won’t believe it!

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