Forget Angelina – THIS Jamaican Woman Has 32 Kids Living in the Same House!

Annmarie Richards is truly an amazing woman in general – much less a Jamaican woman. She was raised in a broken home herself within a struggling community, so understanding the concept of a big family was definitely not something that she was born with initially. However, instead of allowing her struggles and anxieties to slow her down, she decided to do something important with her life by helping other kids from broken homes that were on the streets. Right now, as you can see in this video, this woman has 32 kids that she is raising successfully as her own. When a woman has 32 kids, this video will give you a quick glimpse of what could be chaotic but what she seems to have well-structured and running smoothly. WOW! WOW!

We wonder what Ellen DeGeneres will do for her once this video goes viral.

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