If You Woke Up To This on a Plane, You Would Think Twice about Flying Again!

Whether you are on a fan of flying or not, there are certain things that may cause your internal alarm to activate. For instance, if you are in the air and the plane goes through an insane amount of turbulence, you might start to panic a little. If there are a lot of technical difficulties that are preventing your plane from taking off properly, you might start to panic a little. However, neither of those situations is anywhere close to being as scary as what this guy woke up to on a recent plane flight. Keep in mind that it was absolutely harmless. Clearly, the guy that is in this video was simply calling out to Allah in prayer. In a post-9/11 society, however, this is the type of sight that would make you fear for your life and promise never to fly again, isn’t it? We want to thank B. Ledgeman for sharing this video. More than likely, he did not expect for it to explode online into a viral video almost overnight – reaching close to 3 million views in less than two days!

The Bottom Line

You don’t necessarily have to be a racist or even have racist tendencies. But there are certain things on a plane (which is already a scary experience for most people) that if they woke up to them, they would be terrified. Taking the feelings of other people into consideration is something that we should all do – regardless of our race, age, nationality or religion.

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