The First Official Trailer of “Wish I Was Here” Was a Huge Surprise – Especially to Us!

When the first teaser of the Zach Braff-directed film Wish I Was Here was released earlier this year, we at Qlty Ctrl thought that it was absolute garbage. After seeing the first full-length official trailer for the film, though, we have to officially retract that statement. It seems as if Zach Braff has hit a directorial milestone in his career that will make it much easier for major studios to invest in him in the future so that he doesn’t necessarily have to rely on Kickstarter donations from fans and followers. Wish I Was Here is a feel-good movie that addresses a lot of important issues from a comical perspective – creating a perfect opportunity for heavily underestimated and under appreciated actors and actresses to shine. Hopefully, this first official trailer of Wish I Was Here shows a sneak preview of a future Academy-Award nominated film. We shall see.

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