You’ve Never Heard Jason Derulo Sing Wiggle Like This Before – Unless You Lived in the 1920s!

They Did the ‘Wiggle’ in the 1920s? Really?

Jason Derulo struck oil in the world of pop music when he released the ‘Wiggle’ song with Snoop Dogg. Hundreds of YouTube videos have been released about ‘Wiggle’ in one way or another. Many people are dancing to it – even celebrities like Zac Efron. Many people are doing other funny things to do it. However, chances are that you have never seen it like this before. ScottBradleeLovesYa covers this popular Jason Derulo single as if it was a 1920 vintage Broadway song. None of the lyrics have been changed – not even the cheesy lyric about someone’s booty looking like two planets. However, you’ll definitely see that this song could have easily been performed over 80 years ago as long as it was performed just like this cover.


Wiggle 1920s Vintage Broadway Cover

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