Why You Shouldn’t Doubt Buying a PS4

Are you having second thoughts about replacing your PS3? Or maybe you’re not satisfied with your Xbox or Wii? Perhaps, you are in doubt about buying a PS4… But doubt no more, because today, we bring you four reasons why you should go to the store and buy that Playstation 4!

1.) The Playstation Now feature makes you play games in PS2 and PS3.

Now you can actually play your pre-loved PS2 and PS3 video games in your PS4. This was not possible before but with this new feature you already can for the price only $19.99 per month!


PlayStation 4 White Console Destiny Bundle

PlayStation 4 Console with Free The Last of Us Remastered Voucher

2.) Project Morpheus is coming in 2016!

Now, you can play with Sony’s new virtual reality system right in your PS4, just in a few months, your wait is finally over. About the project Sony says, “Our goal with VR is to deliver a sense of presence, making the player feel as though they’ve stepped inside the world of a game. The new Project Morpheus prototype brings us closer to that goal, as it improves the visual experience and tracking accuracy, both of which are critical to achieving sense of presence.”

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Jet Black

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Bundle

3.) You can upload your gameplay directly to YouTube with its DVR.

If you want to let your fans see what you’ve played or just want to brag about it, sharing your videos now comes easy as pie.

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Urban Camouflage

4.) Absolutely has a “better performance” than its rivals.

Playstation Lifestyle website explains just why:

“The PS4 has more powerful hardware overall than its rival Xbox One or even the Wii U, whose specs are more akin to the previous generation of consoles. The PS4, for instance, has a larger and faster graphics processing unit than the Xbox One (its peak GPU shader throughput hits 1.84 teraflops per second while the Xbox One manages 1.31). Likewise, Sony’s console has more advanced RAM (5500MHz GDDR5 versus the Xbox One’s 2133MHz DDR3).”

PlayStation 4 Camera

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