Why We Think Amy Schumer is Both Hilarious and Talented

She may not be the best there is in the comedy industry but the fact that she can manage to hold her own, makes Amy Schumer a rare breed. It is a male dominated field and she does a good job of staying among the best. She is funny, talented, and real. Tells it like it is. With her, you are sure to have a good laugh. Let us have a look at why this woman is so phenomenon.

She is real

She acknowledges that the business of making people laugh comes with lots of challenges. For a woman, it is even hard where you have to deal with many stereotypes. You either work twice as hard or “sleep your way to the top” as it is often believed. Amy acknowledges these challenges but never lets them get in her way.

She is just good

Her show “Inside Amy Schumer” is just great. It is funny and also informative. it covers a wide range of topics ranging from self-esteem, body image and jealousy. The show mirrors every woman’s story in the modern world only that she tells it in a witty way. This does not mean that the show is an all-woman affair. In fact, the show enjoys good reviews from majority of men. Tackling these sensitive issues and getting people to laugh about it is the true definition of a talented individual.

She is creative

Being a comedy sketch show, Amy does a very good job in creativity while coming up with themes and topics for her sketches. Titles such as “Gang Bang” and “Meth lab” will get you hooked on the go. First you will be intrigued and definitely want to find out what it is all about. Before you know it, you will be on the last episode, laughing like your life depends on it and craving for more of the same. Perhaps the one thing with the show that has people hooked is that they can relate to most of the sketches.

She is likeable

From her younger years where she got along with almost every group of individuals, schumer has a way of fitting in different crowds that is just unbelievable. In one interview, she is quoted as saying that she identified herself with several groups except the straight A’s kids. This can be shown in the way she has managed to pull different demographics to her show.

She is hot. That is just a very good combination. Wit and beauty are just a perfect combination. It can never get any better than that. Thank heavens for Amy Schumer. We would have always have a good laugh to look forward to for a long time to come.

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