Why we miss ER

We all love an amazing medical drama TV show. They tend to be full of wit, professionalism and a generous share of fun and relationship feuds. ER is one series that took this theme and perfected it in creating a frantic but amazing scene full of life or death dilemmas and decisions.


The show is all about the things that go on in an emergency room, hence the title ER. Its 15 seasons and 331 episodes were ever packed with action that gave us a sneak peek into what emergency room experts always go through day in day out. It is a real life show that not only entertains but also teaches us how to respect these guys who save so many lives in a day.

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With this prime time TV show spanning over 15 years, it became an acceptable family phenomenon that many kids grew to and parents lived to adore. It was charismatic, and pretty. Something you would rarely find in most of the day’s TV shows. It was something that would not only entertain the family as a whole but also teach every member of the family some virtue with each aired show.

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