Why The Shield Might Be Our Favourite Show Ever

Every city needs a hero. Batman, and perhaps a fraction of Gotham believes this. Does this mean that we who don’t identify with men in bat costumes cannot embrace this sensible truth? Well, it doesn’t. The Shield is proof enough. This is why it could easily pass as our favourite show ever.

It tests the unchartered waters

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One of the most common ways to bursting organized crime is by having inside help. The Shield perfects the art by creating a specific LA police department unit authorized to participate in crime to unearth the very evil eroding the city’s fabric. The thrill that comes with these risky ventures and their success will keep you glued to the screen.

It embraces the truth

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Inasmuch as the Strike Team, the 4 man anti-crime unit, is successful, the series takes time to explore the troubles they go through to bring their work to reality. It easily drives its point home. Having someone on the inside isn’t a bad idea. The entangling relations with the cartels are what we ought to fear.


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