Why Ruby Sayed is One of Our Best

Ruby Sayed is part of the Taz’s girls. Regardless of what the group is about, Ruby is totally awesome. She is still in her early 20s, rumor has it that she, and her sister served in the military for some time. Of all the group members, Ruby turns out to be one of the most outstanding. She is one of our best and here are the reasons why.

  1. She is an Afghan

It is not every day you come across a beautiful and sophisticated Afghan beauty like Ruby. She is one of a kind. Being unique is one quality very few people possess. She is originally from queens but now enjoys every bit of what Miami has to offer.

  1. She was military at one time

This may just be a rumor but it is proving to be credible. What it means is that she can take care of herself. She will get her hands dirty should it come to that. She is more than just a pretty face. Therefore, for all those hating on her and discrediting her lifestyle, be warned, you may just get some ass whooping you may not be expecting.

  1. She is young

Old may be gold but young is just something else. Something that is more precious and promising. It is energy like no other. A force that makes the world go round. She is only about 23 years of age, looks fit and glamorous. You perhaps have another decade of seeing her around. You may as well get used to it.

  1. She is hot

Her hair, her ass, her body, her everything is just perfect. She has a body to die for. That may explain the many followers she has on instagram. They are always waiting for the next time she would post the picture of her body. We can never enough of her sizzling physique and flawless skin. She is always working out, therefore, that hot body is something she has every intention of keeping.

  1. She knows how to party

This woman knows how to party and have a good time. It is enough that she is gorgeous. Being a great company makes us like her even more. You are assured of having the time of your life when she is around. It is 2015 and a good party is probably what you need to enjoy your life.

  1. She is unapologetic

Who would apologize for being a goddess? Absolutely no one. you can only appreciate for being one. That is what this beauty queen is doing. She knows how to flaunt what she has and that is why she is one of our best.

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