Why Peep Show Is Basically Real Life

Most of the TV shows in the industry are all fiction. The story is fiction, the characters and scenes are fictitious. While this works perfectly well when all we are after is a good storyline and some marvelling screenplay, chasing after a real life story could sometimes be more fulfilling and educational. This is why we find the Peep Show to be so entertaining without losing its moral lessons and relevance to our life.

We see characters grow over time


Unlike most TV shows that never shed light on character’s personal life other than what they deem sufficient to keep the storyline lively, Peep Show pays religious attention to Mark Corrigan’s life. The script takes him through school, from his 7 GCSEs to his parent enforced Business Studies degree at Dartmouth University.

Families and relationships are important

We don’t learn of the struggles in his family and his life at campus as a flashback. Peep Show dedicates enough time into presenting the most realistic social life struggles that any other man would identify with.

You can identify with the script

Everything, from the classes to his lodging in Mark’s spare room without paying any rent are just but a summary of the problems we can all identify with. These things make the Peep Show realistic real life show.

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