Why Leslie From Parks And Recreation Is Our Hero

The sixth season finale is around the corner. Over the different episodes, we have come to realized that Leslie Knope is one of the most all rounded characters in the TV shows. She definitely is our hero, and we have reasons to back it up.

She fights for the rights

Very few ladies can boldly call themselves feminists, even in a TV show. Knope does, and she lives to her acclamation.

She knows what she believes in

The first sections of the series portray her as a career bureaucrat. This change with time. Inasmuch as she is successful, the script takes time to develop her and show us how much of an all round woman she is. We love women who can fend for themselves and still be reliable people in the society.

She has no issue with life and career

We would expect that Knope’s main battles to dwell on balancing her personal life with her career. This is never the case. She knows how to achieve the ideal balance between the two. She will readily take a decision that well strengthen any of the two aspects of her life.

She Isn’t All Success

Knope succeeds in most of the things she does. This is what has brought her this far. Nonetheless, she has some setbacks and failures in her life, skeletons she would love to forget. Giving her a bunch of failures makes her more realistics.

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