The Real Reason Why Dogs Smell Each Other’s Butts is Right Up Under Your Nose (Pun Intended)!

Dogs Smell Bad to You, But Their Sense of Smell is Uncanny!

Why do dogs smell each other’s butts?

Among the many different things that dogs are known for, these canines are primarily known for their uncanny sense of smell. You may have watched numerous times how dogs smell each other’s butts and wondered to yourself, “Why in the world do they decide to do that in the first place?” or “What in the world makes dogs smell each other like that?” Remembering that things work a little different in the animal kingdom than they do within the world that we have become used to as humans, the scientific team at Reactions was able to put together this impressive video that addresses this topic once and for all. Dogs smell each other’s butts for many more reasons than you might think, so this video just might teach you something. Chances are that, after you have taken a few moments to watch this educational yet entertaining video, you will never look at your dogs or even the dogs in a pet store the same again. While you more than likely will never want to sniff someone else’s butt, you will clearly understand exactly why dogs do it whenever you watch dogs smell one another in this way.


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Why do dogs smell each other’s butts?

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