Here is the REAL Reason Why the Spurs Beat the Miami Heat in the Finals

The San Antonio Spurs were able to basically crush the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals – delivering the final blow in Game 5 on Sunday night. While we can go back and forth with what should have happened in order for the Miami Heat to perform much better, there is one REAL reason why the San Antonio Spurs were able to beat the Miami Heat in the first place. The word of the day? A lack of teamwork. The bottom  line is that the Miami Heat had a drastic lack of teamwork! Throughout the entire series, they were playing just like the Cleveland Cavaliers — depending on LeBron James to carry the team on his shoulders the entire time. Wade had a horrible shooting streak. The decision to start Ray Allen instead of Mario Chalmers was too little and way too late. But the entire team just seemed as if they were discouraged, disillusioned and disappointed with how the series was going – so they started to wave the white flag and start focusing more on how they were going to spend the rest of their summer vacation.

We are sorry, LeBron James, for you having to put in such a phenomenal year for your teammates throughout the regular season and postseason. We are also sorry that you didn’t stay hydrated enough to survive Game 1 without cramping – making you the subject of yet another NBA Finals meme campaign. However, the Miami Heat did not lose this series because of the fact that the Spurs are a better team. If you look at their stats, you can clearly see that this is not the case! The San Antonio Spurs were able to beat the Miami Heat because the Heat forgot what it meant to be a team.

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