Why Breaking Bad May Be The Most Important TV Show Ever

When Breaking Bad made it to its 514th episode, fans all over the world were not only treated to the best time of their TV show life but also oversaw the inauguration of Breaking Bad into the list of the most important shows ever.


For five years now, Vince Gilligan and company have painstakingly created a true virtual out of nothing. They have come up with the most convincing protagonist, with the right wits, a thriving business and a family that threatens to take away his insanity. Breaking Bad’s ability to relate to our normal life scenarios makes it more of a reality than it is of fiction.

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Unlike most 21st century TV shows, Breaking Bad too the time to build up a story rather than keep on rushing us from a piece of action to another. Breaking Bad doesn’t struggle to get your attention. It simply takes it.
It is an example of what a well pieced up show can be, how authoritative developing characters over time and making them realistic and part of us can affect ratings. This is why it probably will be the most important show of the modern age for a while.

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