This White Cat Used Lipstick for the First Time. Don’t Worry – It’s Not as Bad You Think!

This Cat Used Lipstick – And Still Looks Beautiful?

In most cases, hearing something like “a cat used lipstick” would confuse you – especially since you are used to dogs getting into this type of mischief but not necessarily cats, right? Well, this white cat used lipstick when her owner was not around to catch her. However, when Reddit user Q_Y finally did discover that her cat used lipstick, she knew that she had to take a picture of her as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the picture but thank you even more for sharing it with the rest of the world. The next time that you leave your own cat alone, think about what he or she might be getting into when you are not looking. Perhaps next time, you will find out that your cat used lipstick too!


cat used lipstick

This cat used lipstick when her owner wasn’t looking!

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