Which Doctor Who, Are You?

Space travel has been an interesting topic to many since the time of Einstein. The power to zip through time and space to set things right or solve future problem is extremely interesting. With Doctor Who, this is not a fantasy but a true reality that works. Zipping via the TARDIS in his old and undeniably unreliable space ship, the Time Lord got many of us choosing a side.


With the television series’ prime years being back in 60s and 80s, you could easily argue that its quality, humour and approach shaped many an adults in the modern day film industry. Its rebirth in 2005 gave us, the young folk, a chance to partake of the Doctor Who fun, and the old folks a chance to relive the good old times.


Since its story arch involve time travel, it is common for different doctors from different dimensions to meet. With the different dimensions and times comes different doctors, from William Hartnell, the very first, to Peter Capaidi, the very last. Each has a personality, a way to identify with him. To fully understand Doctor Who, therefore, you have to be one of these many Doctor. So which Doctor Who, are you?

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