What You Need To Know About the Last Day of Class

When you reach the last day of class, you begin to realize that t wasn’t that long at all! And then, it dawns on you, all the things that you’ve wanted to do but didn’t, all the things that you did do and you regret every single one of them.

Every year, as we walk down the pavement towards the classrooms, we have our resolutions, thousands of them. It could be, “I’d study more”, “I will not cheat during exams”, “I will focus on my exams more than my dates” or “I will party a little less”. Yes, we’ve said these things, but couldn’t seem to get these done.

And more so with our expectations, by the end of the semester or the school year, we realize that those things we see in movies aren’t true at all.

Watch this video from MyLifeAsEva channel as she depicts Expectations versus Reality school edition.

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