Here’s Why This Father-Daughter Kayaking Team Had One WHALE Of a Time!

Whale Lifts Kayakers OUT of the Water!

In any other video, this would have just been the simple story of a team of father-daughter kayakers having a great time out on the water together – spending quality time as a family. However, that is until they experienced a close call with an enormous whale.

This father-daughter kayaking team enjoyed a beautiful trip together off the coast of Argentina, but then they were both shocked as soon as they got a chance to see two massive whales emerge from the water. Imagine their surprise when one of the two whales actually lifted their kayak completely out of the water on its back! That’s right – they received the lift of a lifetime and how one “whale” of a kayaking trip. Fortunately, they got the entire experience on camera and instantly became viral stars because of it.


whale lifts kayakers

This whale lifts kayakers out of the water – and they catch it all on camera!

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