If Wes Anderson Remade Forrest Gump, Here is How the Movie Would Begin

Wes Anderson has been able to create an overabundance of classic films and cult classics over the years, inspiring a new class of eccentric yet artistic filmmakers to follow in his footsteps. He clearly has been able to develop a certain style that is unique and easily distinctive. Even if you don’t see his name in the opening or closing credits, there are so many different similarities that seem to pop out of the screen whenever you see a Wes Anderson movie that basically stamp each film with his name. This great video from Louis Paquet is a creative rendition of the opening title sequence of Forrest Gump. Keep in mind that this is not the title sequence you remember from Forrest Gump simply because it is an artistic rendition of what it might look if Wes Anderson decided to remake Forrest Gump. What do you think?

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