Weird Al Yankovic Was On a Roll At First. But, With “Handy” He Has Gone Too Far.

Weird Al Yankovic has kept us entertained all week with his new album release and viral music videos. We have posted all of the videos that he released right here on QLTY CTRL and have received a lot of feedback from our fans and followers – especially about his “Blurred LInes” parody about the English language – “Word Crimes.” However, this time around, Weird Al simply went way too far. You see, he parodied the hit single “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea by changing it to “Handy” and it…is…amazing! You can basically picture handymen and contractors singing this song to themselves for years to come. Weird Al Yankovic, you are an absolutely genius. What do you have in store for us next?

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