Weird Al Pokes Fun at Corporate America in This Hilarious ‘Mission Statement’ Video

Have you ever worked in Corporate America or any other corporate environment? Chances are that you more than likely have – which is why you are going to absolutely love this Weird Al Yankovic album. As mentioned last week, Weird Al Yankovic went on an “8 Videos in 8 Days” campaign to promote his newest album, Mandatory Fun. So far, we at QLTY CTRL have shared quite a few of those videos on this site – including “Tacky” and “Word Crimes.” However, this video for “Mission Statement” could very well be one of the best videos that Weird Al Yankovic has ever done. Whether you have worked for Corporate America or not, “Mission Statement” is a song that all employees will be able to at least understand or sympathize with today – which makes it so funny!


Mission Statement

Weird Al Yankovic’s “Mission Statement”

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