Weird Al as Isaac Newton in This Rap Battle Makes Learning Science Seem Cool!

For quite some time now, Epic Rap Battles of History has been able to create captivating videos with catchy hooks and killer beats that almost immediately go viral! Their newest addition features the return of Weird Al Yankovic – the king of musical parodies. This particular battle features Weird Al as Sir Isaac Newton going up against Bill Nye the Science Guy (and a special guest). From the first moment that Weird Al starts rapping, you will immediately start bobbing your head along with the beat. After you have watched this video a few times, you’ll actually realize that you started learning a few things subliminally about science that you probably never knew before – including how to use scientific concepts as punchlines for insults. We love you, Weird Al!

The Bottom Line

Learning can be fun – and it can even lead to viral videos! The key is being able to find effective ways to teach the material while being entertaining at the same time. Using Weird Al Yankovic in a hilarious yet catchy rap song about gravity and the laws of motion (for example) is more than just an epic rap battle – it’s an epic way of teaching and learning! Job well done.

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